Recruitment For admin

Real Name:

Response: Joelson

In Game Name:

Response: Darth_Maul


Response: 26


Response: Angola

Hours Spent Online Per Week:

Response: 28


Response: Darth_Maul

Would you help pay for servers?

Response: Maybe
Will you be active on our servers & forums:

Response: Yes

Reason For Joining:

This is my admin app,the 30 day rule expired.
Wanna help with search, removing the hackers, help game enviroment whith more fun, contibute to development of skill of player the clan NN and others.

Something About you:

Well everybody knows me here.

You are now hereby promoted to MW3 Admin!
Welcome to the NamelessNoobs staff :mrgreen:If you have any questions, ask away!

tanks bro, for the promotion.