Regarding MW2 Servers

I’m formally requesting access to manage/improve the servers.
If you need to know, here are some of the things I’ll be adjusting for the sake of our servers:

-Setting up a proper Top Score so players can get their final killcam, this will also allow to not always wait for the time to ran out everytime so a new match can began.
-Taking out some crap maps that are on the TDM Mixed server, ex: Invasion. And put in some nicer ones… (Suggestions are welcome of course)
-Fixing B3. There are several commands that aren’t working, such as: !pm, !map, !switchteam, !explode or blow up ( this one’s for fun only, but still xd) When B3 says, for example; Next map: Favela. It wont load Favela, it just goes to another ramdom map. And when doing !map (map name) it says its ‘changing’ but nothing happens.
Besides, what about a nice Free-Slot-Plugin for members whenever they want to join a server and its just full? I’d like that…

I just really don’t want to bother any Emperors of Noobkind…
-“Hey” awaiting
-“can you change this and that?” awaiting
-“yeah, think I might”
-“okay…” dies
Y’all know the drill, so, if you will, please?..

just let it be

also, !map mp_Favela

rest doesn’t work and can’t really be fixed. keep the maps in epic TDM the same, have good and bad to have a balance.

also, move to Staff Chat on the forums, because this is mainly regarding the Administrators, considering they have the power to change most of this.

I honestly think Invasion is fine, hence why i put it in, no other servers have it so its nice to have a bit of change in there.

As far as i know It’s because the original B3 has no commands such as !pm, !switchteam and !fastrestart etc… because those commands come from a plugin named Alteradmin i believe.

That’d be nice for sure however last updated Free-Slot-Plugin was released around 2012/2013 i believe sooo

If you’re talking about me then know that i was without a monitor and also busy moving out to my new place.

It would be good if you’d let me do the adjustments, I have the B3 file wich all of it works perfectly

And the plugin as well, and that still works my friend.

Btw, thank you Vodka for helping me out, such a great partner they gave me… omfg.