Reinstalled COD4 MW and don't see servers

I’m new here, but I’ve played on your COD4 servers a lot. My PC died and a got a new one and reinstalled COD4 MW from the disc and applied all the updates to Version 1.8 v17.7.
I can only see 5 servers on the list and none of yours.
Am I using the wrong version? What version should I be on?

Any help would be appreciated.

I reinstalled the game from the DVD then ran the patches up to 1.7…and still only 5 servers are available.
Nameless noobs isn’t listed.

what version is the server running?

I downloaded the file and replaced my EXE, but it still doesn’t show your servers.

Have you reinstalled and verified your copy of COD4 to ensure that you have all the files?
Have you ensured that the currently installed copy of COD4 has downgraded to 1.7?

If these files are complete and the above steps are done, open your console and try the following command:
/connect 108.61 83.50:29660

This should connect you to our GunGame server, install any required files for you. This can also be done even if your version is 1.8 (Auto-downgrade).

Please report back if you have any further issues.

Thank you for the help…I really appreciate it.

I can manually connect to your server with the console command, but it doesn’t download any files. I have the download option on.

When I start the game again, it still only shows a few servers…and not yours.

Post a screenshot of your game.

I finally got it.

Thanks Guys