[RELEASE] IW4x: Launcher

IW4x Launcher is an easy-to-use client modification/configuration manager for the popular Modern Warfare 2 mod IW4x. This launcher will allow you to easily manage your custom modifications, adjust your configuration settings, and even manage and connect to your favorite servers.


  • Fine-tune IW4x configuration settings, such as sensitivity, skipping the intro cutscene, and more.
  • Track and manage real-time information about your favorite servers, including player lists, map data, and ping information.
  • Easily manage your custom client modifications for IW4x, handling all of the “hard” (.iwd) work for you; import and delete custom mods with no knowledge needed.
  • Download and install new custom client modifications directly from the launcher. No need to deal with complicated files and folders.

IW4x Launcher, by default, looks for the “userraw” folder in it’s immediate working directory. This means that if you drop it in your IW4x installation folder, it will work right out of the box. For those of you who prefer custom install locations (for whatever reason), IW4x Launcher will also give you the option to specify a custom game installation location. Once set the first time, your settings will be stored and recalled each time you use the launcher.

The Client Mods manager will only manage packaged mods. This means only .iwd files. Any mods you have that are in a folder structure should be packed in a .iwd file to be compatible with the launcher.
The launcher also contains code for auto-updating. This means that patches and new features can be implemented without any addition work from the user.

Virus Scans:
I was given the great idea to post a virus scan of the binary file to show that it is clean, so I one-up’d that and posted two. You can view either of them below. I can’t imagine what is causing the false positives with AegisLab or SentinelOne, but I doubt anyone cares about them anyway.


Below are a couple of screenshots of the IW4x Launcher, for you visual learners.

I hope everyone gets as much practical use out of this launcher as I did. Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and enjoy the launcher!

~ indig0.

Is this safe? Chrome blocks the download, which I know can be just Chrome being a lame browser, but it could also be for good reason.

I am trying to play MW2 on the NN servers, but of course have only ever played it thru Steam.


Pretty sure op wouldn’t post anything that could harm other fellow members.
Nice work indig0. This will come in handy for sure :slight_smile: