Request for clan

My name is ahmad shehzad
My gaming name is disturbance
I am from pakistan
I am 17 year old
I joined many clan like UF cg xG xgm etc
I am playing cod 4 from many years
I want to join namelesanoobs
I hope you will reply soon
And will tell me as soon as possible
Bye…take care
And have a good gaming day…

We have the “Join Us” for a reason.

I joined many clan like UF cg xG xgm etc

So you’re in multiple clans?
Double clanning isn’t allowed in NN :exclamation:


First of all as Andrew stated we have a ‘Join Us’ button which allows you to apply or simply click this link;
Second of all here are some guidelines which will help you navigate around here;

Any further questions?
Ask away either here or on our Discord server which can be found at

Thanks in advance
NamelessNoobs management team