Request In-Game Name Change


I’ve been enjoying playing NN games for a year or so now and am still a relatively ‘new’ player.

I set my user name to V-Belt in the game and this user name shows up on games hosted on other servers, but on NN servers my name shows up as something different.

Is Is it possible to change my name on the NN from r_____f_____73 to V-Belt?



Hello there.

Do you mean on the forums? For ingame on servers such as Call of Duty, your name is usually whatever you set it to with the /name command in the console, although I think COD4 had a bug where it pulled your Steam Name if you were logged in (that might be fixed, I cannot remember)


Hi Chryssie,

I have no idea what to do at this point. The name r_____f_____73 shows up only in games hosted by NN servers. For all other servers, the game displays what I have entered for “Player Name”

I tried to chase this down between Steam and Activision, but haven’t got a clue which way to go with this, other than that wonderful helpless feeling of defeat when caught by and between 4 or 5 different computer systems on this one: {Steam, Activision, NN servers, Other servers, My local PC, etc…}

Sorry for the late reply.

I searched up your profile and I can indeed see the “RF73” name you have, however the only thing I could potentially think of would be to change the name using the name and rejoin any of the NN servers, as your name should automatically update once that command has been successfully initiated. As it is your client and your game, we are unable to change your name on our end as that ability is locked to client-side only and our power only extends as far as wiping your stats (KD ratio, WL ratio etc), banning and unbanning or adding and removing staff powers.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more, my apologies.


I found this tidbit that has a recommendation from a CoD4 developer, whom suggested “currently the only possibility is for server hosters to set sv_steamnames 0 ( or was it named sv_nosteamnames 1 ?)”

Actually, could we try something? Could you wipe me from the system on your end and then I’ll go back in and join a game and see if that changes anything. I’m not at all concerned about game stats - I just like playing the game. (I’m more curious about the name ‘bug’ than some existentially meaningless video game stats.)