Request Pipeline Map Be Added To Vote List

Hello Fellow Namelessnoobs,

I would like to request the Pipeline map be added to the list for Search and Destory and any other servers if its not there. It was a classic map back in the day and a lot of fun. If this is possible that would be awesome. If it was removed for a good reason I am sorry to bother any admin about it.

Thank you!

Firstly the reason it was removed is because it kills the server and 3/4 of the players do not like playing on it.
Secondly i do not think it is going to be added back

Thats sad to read… it was a classic map used all the time. I am surprised the server cannot handle it.

Me personally, I enjoy the map, but I understand the reason people don’t like it

Would be great if pipe comes back

To be honest…im not a fan of that map…but if you guys want it, fine with me

Its gonna kill the server but there would only be one way to find out.