Rule Update: Offensive Names

It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of confusion behind one of our rules and how our rules work so lets get right into it.

First of all lets address the rule everyone seems to get confused by.

  • No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in game (double carrett (^)) color in names.

I guess it can be a bit confusing because everyone sorta has a different idea of what is offensive and what is not.

That’s all DeadWeight gave, so I’m finishing this bitch off.

What do we define “offensive” as?
An offensive name is a name with shock value, racism, sexism, or targeting a religious/ethnic/protected group.

For admins: when is this rule to be referenced in validating a kick?

  • When someone has the name SandyRightHook, 711Bomber, or any reference to what is defined as a “tragedy”.
  • When someone has a racist slur in their name (I’m sure you all can think of a few).
  • When someone is inciting violence or harassment towards a specific person or group for sexual preferences, religion, gender, or race.

When is this rule NOT to be referenced?

  • When someone has a name that could be deemed as annoying or toxic. If their actions are toxic as well, kick for disrespect. Also understand the different between locker-room banter and disrespect though.
  • When someone has a curse word in their name.

For users: what does this mean for you?
Well, it means you don’t have to worry about offending anybody with your name unless your goal is to actually do that. Yes, SandyRightHook is a great name, but you will be kicked if we fuckin see it. It is up to the head admin of the game, but temp bans can also be enacted to ensure your cooperation. Think of it this way: if someplace like Twitter, Instagram, etc wouldn’t let you have it, don’t put it here.

But my freedom of speech!
First off, I’m a major advocate for it. I hate censorship and I hate when people try to control my messages, whether through the internet or in real life. But freedom of speech only protects you from the government, nothing else. Pick your fights, cooperate, and you’ll be all good.

Edit (30th March 2020) - Please note that at the current time of this edit, “COVID-19”, “CoronaVirus” and other similar names are NOT listed under the Offensive Names guide, and so we will not be enforcing kicks/tempbans, etc. If - after the COVID-19 virus has finished - we do decide to change this, we will make another edit.