Rules on server

I know the only rule on NN Lockdown 24/7 its all (except hacking) its allowed

but should put some rules, like its one guy call “iron man” he literaly doesn’t move, he camp all game all games
or akimbo, only to help another players to have a good game, cuz sometimes its very annoying can’t play for guys like these

today i connect to the server ,2 mins were only enough to make me rage and pissed off…
camper next to his tactical insertion + akimbos + martyrdom ! how sick is that …
hope u do something ,pro players cant play like this ,and its the only NN server there,

thx for understanding

Ik, before i only play in NN, now i play most on isnipe servers

Camp and akimbo were always allowed. The reason for this is that we are NamelessNoobs where everything is allowed (of course without cheating).
If you can not beat them, join them :wink:

We won’t put ourselves on the lowest level and ban camping. If you cry and rage about players camping then you should re-think life.
Players who camp are bad players and if you can’t kill them you’re worse than they are.
Camping is a part of the game and it exists since forever. It doesn’t give you an advantage over other players hence why your arguments are invalid. Deal with it or don’t play the game.

i don’t get mad, the funny thing about campers is they always stay on the same place, never cry or rage. Im just saying a few rules will be ok

i knw sometimes i rage but killing the campers is piece of cake , ,but can u do anything about the akimbos and GLs ? just suggestion am not crying

Piece of cake lol