Rust 2018 Changes

Good Afternoon all!

I wanted to create a little bit of a sticky to post up onto the Rust sub forum, as its been quite a bit since there has been activity here. So just a few ground rules about the server; as of 06/21/2018 we have removed the Solo, duo, Trio only rule and it is now free game for groups of players to join.

That being said, we still enforce the no-griefing rule with the server. Now what do we mean by griefing. Griefing here is defined as any action taken by a raiding player that prevents the owner of a base from accessing his/her property. Most commonly seen as destroying the TC and replacing it with their own with the intention to deprive the player of their base. Other examples include but are not limited to walling in/off players bases, placing turrets outside of players bases, etc.

With that, we understand this is rust and that this is humanity in its most sadistic form (or as we like to call it, Burglary simulator 2018) as this is a survival game. However please keep some semblance of sport to the game (I.E. if you killed a naked who only has a pick axe, help him up. Don’t be a tool and end him just for existing). Try to be a good sport about being raided (we’ve all been there. Don’t bitch to a moderator; just rebuild), and vise versa if you are raiding a naked with c4, leave his shit alone as none of it is anything you direly need.

On to other house keeping stuff; Rust Head-Admin is myself ( [NN]Thunder_21 in game) and in-game Admins for the server are [NN]SvetaSrbn, as well as [NN]st0rm. All of us are very hands on with the server and spend a lot of time there; most of you have seen us and interacted with us on some level. We try to keep an open door policy regarding helping new players, so don’t be afraid to ask if you need help or aren’t sure of something. We try to keep up on the dev release blog to see the latest and greatest with each new Facepunch force wipe, so keep that in mind.

Game Cheating/Glitching is prohibited in any shape/way or form. We run a 100% Vanilla server which is VAC Secured. Using exploits giving you an unfair advantage over other players will get you Warned for the first offense, then kicked for the second. Multiple instance of abusing game glitches will result in a Ban.

Kicking/Banning: Nameless Noobs does have a Ban Appeal form which can be found here: . If you feel you have been banned or kicked unfairly, please do not start spamming the Discord or in game chat, as you will quickly make an enemy of every moderator/admin that reviews it. Simply fill out a Ban Appeal form, and sit pretty while we review it.

New Members: We encourage all folks on our servers to become members of NN. We have an application process which can be found here: . Feel free to join our Discord channel and get to know the clan! For those who are new to rust and don’t know where to start I usually point to youtube for starter videos. Youtube is a great place to find ideas for base design, raiding techniques and general FYI.

With that being said, welcome to the Server!