Server Language

Just a suggestion. People might take this the wrong way. But in my opinion, we should make a rule that allows the server to use only English as the chat language. I see all the time people spamming in other languages: (mostly spanish and portugese) and it stresses me out (I know english and spanish and a bit of german fyi). It just seem like fair for everyone if people used just english in the chat. If so maybe warnings should put be put out to the player, and if continued a kick.

I dunno just my opinion.


it’s true i do dislike when they spam the chat so i agree with you on this one


I agree on having a server where everyone talks only one language. But what happens when the person who is speaking spanish doesn’t know english, how will the user get the warning?

Nah, people should be able to speak their own language, we don’t need to force them to use English ; what about folks that don’t know English very well or even worse, if they don’t understand it ?

It’s a good idea,but think about the amount of players will be lost?It shouldn’t be a rule.Heck,why not support this,having a Spanish,German and Dutch admin with be quite cool.I know alot of guys who talks Dutch and speaks proper English (this goes for alot of different languages.)It would be great if they can communicate with the players (who talks there lang) just to let them know the rules and stuff,so we wont lose all our players.

Thank You for your time.

An even better idea. but also in different time zones so the servers can be watched all day


I recommend just have a message appear once in a while saying “Please speak English” and that’s it. We’d lose too many players if we would start reprimanding players for use of other languages. However, if someone speaks Russian, by all means ban :wink:


In my opinion I think the rule should only be in affect where non English speakers are trying to communicate with admins, or perhaps even clan members I suppose.

Then again, who am I to make an opinion? :confused: :penis:

Alright, i understand. I agree with the idea of having a message that says, atleast: “Try to speak in English”

But will not be forced.