Serverd doesnt appear

Can anyone tell me the reason whatever the servers does not appear? i enjoy play cod mw2 and cod mw1, and i cant join in any server. (i want play in NN server, are the best :wink:

The IP has changed. Here are the new ones

xd i didnt tell u the cod where doesnt appear the server, its cod mw2^^

Mw2 should be the same but you can check XLRSTATS in the tab above. Here’s the link as well

hmm i talked with some friends mine and to they happen the same


Please ensure that your settings are set to ALL servers (instead of faves or anything) and ensure that you also have “Show Full and Show Empty” enabled. The servers are not down and are semi-active at the moment, so there should be no issues as long as you have the right settings.

I have them as they have to be, to show all the servers, are full or not, a moment ago It appeared three more servers but they are empty, I connect directly from the console to the NN server nuked and it worked but I cant add it to favorites

It happens since the last update