Short Holiday

Hello guys,

Like the title said tomorrow im on a short holiday with friends. (Drinking to much alcohol i think)
Back on sunday night or monday :slight_smile:

Happy gaming! Cheers!!

U damn drunk :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice weekend man! Have fun with friends, what is important and stay save :wink:

Cheer have fun. Thanks for the heads up as well.

Have fun jonks, stay away from graveyards!

Don’t end up paying child support 9 months later.

Hahaha, Thanks man :smiley:

Thanks man :smiley:

The rules told me to :nerd:

Thanks man:D Owno now u will laugh, but i did want to visted some graveyards… Never saw there on that palace where i go to.

Hahaha, That will be no problem man. I hope my girlfriend isnt that such of …