SniP_Tebben Ban Apeal

In-Game name: SniP_Tebben

Date and approximate time of banning:5 mins ago (During recording with my bud Alex)

On what server you got banned: 24/7 lockdown

Why should we unban you:
I was dumb enough to leave my friend alone after I stopped recording with my Tower (PC) while I went and helped my little sisters with the Xbox One because they are 5 and 2, in the 15 minutes I was busy and away from my PC he downloaded hacking tools off the internet and started hacking like the noob he is, honestly even though it partially was ans wasnt my fault you can keep me banned if you want, I did find files on my computer called “Snoopy’s injector” and the “Hack” “420blazeitfgt” either way the files have been removed off my computer and I’m probs not going to let him touch my PC for a while now and most likely won’t be playing MW3 for a few either.

Don’t worry, it’s a common occurrence. I’m sure you will be unbanned.


Savage!! i like it :laughing: :laughing:

I want you to do something for me that would mean a lot to yourself. I want you to tell the truth. I’m so sick and tired of everyone saying my friend downloaded hacks. Just own up the the fact that you cheated. It will feel a lot better for you to admit it and come clean rather than live a lie.

You feel the guilt in your heart, eating at you. But you will feel much better when you tell the truth. Do it for your sake. Don’t become a person who is a serial liar. You’re not fooling anyone with your story.

I wouldve leaved this ban appeal pending but thats the most overused and retarded reason.