Some clips

Been recording every game I play since around july, and sometimes I get nice stuff happening.

Just foraged through the pile of recordings and edit/posted a few worthy clips on YT. Got many more to get to, but here are a couple of em.

I mean, be aware, I’m no pro player, I’m often tired and play shitty; These aren’t my best clips ever at all, nor the best CoD4 shit you’ll see by a long shot, but sometimes I manage to get a good pace going and I capture some fun bits.

I originally recorded only to have legit gameplay proof (I tend to be doubted/hackused a lot), but I thought hey why not post a few of these.

I’ll be dropping more of these clips on that channel whenever I get to edit them. Didn’t intend to originally, but a comment from UnderCrow on an older video made me go “eh why not” :think:

nice videos to watch

Felt not too shitty today… Some more clips.

4 clips, put them in this playlist:

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Oh you mean you actually still get on Broadcast? We haven’t seen you in forever there :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. It’s true I’m not online often lately, but Broadcast and Crossfire 24/7 are pretty much the only places you’ll see me pop in.

Can anyone post clips here or?

This is a topic I made for my own shitty clips, you for sure can create your own thread, I’m sure you got plenty good ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean a main thread for clips might be a good idea. I just feel none of those I posted here would belong there. I don’t think I have any clips on hand that I’d be proud to share alongside others’. This is more my little corner of “okay” clips I put out there for fun.

Alrighty will do.

Got one more today…

[size=85]Also put some effort in the upload for once (edited a bit + thumbnail :v)[/size]

i really like the r700 sniping video those were some nice shots, also what do you record with?

Fug, I had this one yesterday too, forgot to upload it:

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i really like the r700 sniping video those were some nice shots, also what do you record with?

Hi, thanks. I record with OBS Studio (but I edit with Vegas, which somehow really reduces final quality, I don’t know how to set it up, max settings always seem like a downgrade…).

But speaking of R700, you might like this one :o

Sorry for not being active around here, the discord or even in the servers. Not feeling great, but at least CoD4 is there when I need respite, thanks NN <3

But ye anyway, just played this round and I liked how it ended so I up’d it. Figured I’d share here as well.

No audio tho, see Youtube description as for why. Short answer is: I set up OBS too fast, no audio device.

Still mad about it, but have this:

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