Some ideas for NN mix server :)

was up guys loading here, so i’m writing this to give my idea on what is now NN mix server for mw3. I was wondering if we can make NN mix an SnD server, since it only gets full like 3 days a week and we already have NN lockdown 24/7 for TDM.
Cod4 players have their SnD server and i was wondering if we can have one too, i haven’t seen many SnD servers lately and if i do they only allow sniper or default clases.
Why don’t we make a SnD server where we can use our custom classes and everything allowed, except for launchers of course.

I think it will be a great server and lots of people will join, if u guys have any more ideas feel free to write them down and we’ll see what happens :wink:

We tried no one ever played on it.

i played on it once but we couldn’t use custom classes and nothing was allowed
Only default classes

I made an attempt to play on it everyday while it was up but no one joined basically because they were on lockdown and my. Would I like to see SnD come back? Yes. Would I play on it daily? Yes. Would it be a success? Maybe / Maybe not.

I think NN mixed should have mixed games like SND, free for all, kill confirmed, capture the flag and only on maps like dome, mission, lockdown,

im too far away now but still i can share my opinion with you hh.
what Loading said, im 100% agreed with him and about the activity on the server i think we need to try to open it while a vacation when ppl start playing a lot.
while the vacations i will be online to help us to make the sv on, for 24/7.

Have we ever tried an infected server?? :wink: :slight_smile:

Hello . Account has been opened recently. My English is not good … I’m looking for (loading.or real wlan.)

You should contact him thru discord (Discord), instead of just finding a forum post with him to reply.

Oh yea !!! NamelessNoobs|SnD :banana-linedance: , we can make competitions :epic:

This is an old topic xD

:hamster:I want to know the time and Activity Group Members

I want to know the time and Activity Group Members

I want to know the time and Activity Group Members