Some suggestions and requests

Forum is informative as far as the NN info goes but it’s kinda lacking in respects that it’s kinda like reading a recipe on how to boil water when you want to grill a kick ass steak.

Just trying to add more interaction in the forums, I’m not judging the quality of the forum but you have to admit, there’s not a lot of threads giving members/regs the ability to actually shoot the shit with each other, on Discord there is that interaction but it should also be in the forums where most regs meet NN.

Possibly adding threads for jokes (mature and not mature),threads for videos pertaining to music,comedian,world travel, game advice, tips and tricks,life hacks or just life itself.
It’s a multinational clan, being Ex-Army and spending over 3 years in Europe I’d love to compare what I saw then as compared to what’s there now.

Anyway, requests… map rotations on SnD, stock maps get stale after a couple of weeks, I use to have multiple rotations on the servers I ran (excluding Shipment and Killhouse), I would have 4 map cfgs, 8 maps one week, the other 8 maps the next, then randomly mix the other two map cfgs with 4 maps from each the two weeks following, no one complained except the ones who actually hated certain maps which is normal, you wont find anyone who actually likes them all.
It simply takes a quick edit to the server cfg. to start each map cfg and a server restart and it gives the server a breath of fresh air.

The bad thing about threads like “Suggestions and Complaints” is you walk away feeling guilty you may offend those who do so well and try so hard running great servers like NN, I can assure you that mine are only Suggestions which I hope aren’t taken as Complaints, just something that may make a difference.

I was actually going to suggest a “Dolly Parton” only thread but I didn’t want to push my luck. :skid:

Come on folks, interaction and conversations make forums so much better, posts are like sex, just get it out of your system, once it’s over you’ll realize you actually enjoyed it, she may not have but who cares, it’s over and you feel better for it…

i totally agree. map variety is a nice way to keep everything fresh. maybe add some custom 5 star maps as well you think or should we keep it true to the original cod4? i’d like either way but that’s me.

I prefer it on discord, because most of our active members are there already. Its instant.

Its nice being able to check the forum, and only see posts containing relevant stuff to the experience of playing the game, and not everything else. Most of our members sadly don´t check the forum all that often, most only do it to apply for membership and stuff in that direction. Trying to grow the forum in another direction, i think, would be a stillborn dream… a fantasy.

The Forums need to have relevant issues or threads to draw people in, I’m cool with Discord but to be honest, websites attract people when they can get on and just shoot the shit when posting, some don’t like chat which is what Discord ultimately is, posting inadvertent thoughts, issues, videos, jokes etc is the whole purpose of a website, Discord can’t compare when it comes down to people just shooting the shit and having fun, Max’s case is a prime example.

I personally have been dieing to play the other maps that are missing on S&D. Like Bog, Bloc, even pipeline even though how horrible imbalanced that map is would be nice. Can’t remember the others off the top of my head but I would agree variety of maps would make the server tons more better. Which would give people more incentive to come back and play on NN servers. Even though S&D is fairly popular lol

I am just gonna add map vote. PS you do have Admin and are able to change the map.

PLEASE add vacant and killcams to promod server! <3

I thought the ability to change the map was the rank above what I had… xD

I think Storm meant me, I have tried several times,for instance, if i type !map Pipeline, the server message says “Changing map to Pipeline” and nothing happens, it stays on the current map.
I assumed it was disabled somehow. :confused:

Map names are different when you are changing the map.

Yup, i was using that as an example, I don’t think the server likes me is all. :smiley:

Edit: Actually the server realized you can’t fix stupid :astonished:
I simply forgot (been awhile so I have an excuse lol) to add the “mp_” before the map, simple fix, at my age I’ll settle for the simple mistakes. :laughing: