Sorry for not playing so much lately

This is [NN] Demonix apologizing for not playing as i used to on the servers it is because my internet has been down for about a month now i could the company they would check it out soon ,so i will have to use my friends wifi to play cod 4,i wont be able to play everyday but i play when i can as soon as my wifi is up ill be able to lay 24/7 again like the old days.

From Clan Member,
[NN] Demonix

Want me to adopt you and you can use my internet/wifi?

NO I dont want to was just ensuring you guys know :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: :penis:

Gay :3 I have a similar problem -- Only can have 5000MB at a time --
Right now I only use internet making a hotspot from on my phone and connecting to it -_-

be back soon :3

:penis: :penis: :penis:

Seems fun :pokerface: