Suggestion for MW3 (Applicable to all servers)

We can make a 10s or 15s Camp time rule to avoid hard camping. If someone fails to stop camping they will automatically die and will be notified “Killed for hard camping”. I need your opinions, If you agree +1 , if not -1.

-1 because Lockdown is already overcrowded,the spawns are fvcked because you can’t play Lockdown with more than 12 players in the original game.

^ this

As much as i hate camping. I agree with Andrew on this one.


+1 Because on nN’Broadcast these guys camp in the toilets with clay-mores,RPGs,C4s and grenade lunchers. Some camp in sniping position,or some just in the open trying to get some kills wall banging.

It’s understandable because it’s HC,with 12v12.

-1 I agree with andrew, spawn are literally on their period and doing whatever it wants

I appreciate all of your answers :slight_smile: Thanks for responding to my thread.