Suggestion for MW3 Tekno

Hello all,

This is ZackRyder and maybe you might know me from NN-LockDown Server. I have noticed that NN has a Terminal TDM server which has 0 players most of the time. I would highly recommend NN Developers/Owners to change it to SND or Regular Map TDM server. I would say if NN had Mission/Hardhat TDM server it would be great. As you can see NN-Lock Down is always full because players like it but not the other one since DLC is quite boring and not everyone likes it. My strong suggestion would be to change the Terminal Server to a regular map or SND server.


tottaly agree with u , +1

I think they have to enable the votekick again, and the terminal server like the old “nameless epic mix”

Very good suggestion Zacky, I support you, and I would also like a TDM in Dome or Mission map because Terminal was always empty or maybe a Mix

Unfortunately people abuse the votekick even against the pros


Votekick will not happen.

We use to have a hardhat 24/7 server.

dome map plzz? instead of terminal

Move to Pluto.