Suggestion for MW3

This Is for Users with symbols in there Names,that can’t not be typed in-game ex. (~)
which makes it hard to kick them if they are hacking or spamming when a admin is not present.
I believe they should be kicked and told to change their in-game name in-order to play. Obviously it would be hacker alone would think of such things to do so they won’t get kicked.



Ive come across this before, not only MW3 but many other games, and its as annoyng as you put it. I once came across a hacker named OOO00Oo0o0O0O0o0o0ooooo0oo0o0o. Something like that with zeros and Os. It was just impossible to kick. So i kinda agree

Yeah there is always a kid in the cod4 promod server with weird ass characters and its annoying cause you cant talk to him cause its not a proper name lol