Suggestions for IW4x!

Heyo! I am a regular player on IW4x, I play it a ton with my friends and wanted to offer some suggestions and Ideas for your servers, since I am mostly on them and as someone who plays a lot with other people.

I wanted to suggest the idea of another server on IW4x similar to stock maps, as its possibly the most popular server on IW4x and me and my friends are mostly playing on there…when we can.

It’s almost always full, day and night. Usually around the time before and after work hours. There isn’t any other server similar to it, the ones that are are usually empty or don’t have map vote, which I feel is a necessity. I personally would LOVE to see an ALL MAPS server, including DLC and some of the custom maps in IW4x base game, as I, and I know a good chunk of the community consider a lot of them better maps than some of the vanilla MW2 maps (ex. Salvage, Trailer Park, Storm, Overgrown) based on chats with people in servers/discords. The servers that do have those maps usually are trick shot servers, which there is plenty of and that only is so fun after so many hours of doing the same thing.

Thanks for readin, if you guys check up on that game often, I love it and I have a server full of people hooked, and we love your servers. I’d be more than happy to support your team/curators for the hard work. Appreciate it!

First off, thank you for playing on our servers! I’m Zom, one of the admins for the IW4x servers, and I have got to admin, its a fantastic idea, but there are a few flaws with it

First: Most people get this game illegally, and you would be surprised as to how many people don’t have the IW4x DLC, whether it be the actual DLC that was made for MW2, or the ones IW4x includes with the client. So that tanks the player count when it comes to DLC maps. I enjoy the DLC maps, don’t get me wrong, but people sometimes just don’t have them.

Second: I believe we tried a server like that in the past and it didn’t go to well. No players, everyone just went to our servers for Nuketown, normal Stock Maps and the like.

I’ll try and discuss this internally and see if we could make it happen, but no promises!


I’ve always wanted to added a DLC server. We did it before but never had a lot of traction. I went ahead and put one up any way.
Fingers crossed this time will be different.

Thanks for playing our servers.


If I’m correct, there is a DLC download link on the official IW4x website, I only know this because my friends downloaded the DLC they didnt have through that, a free download on the site. The rest of the maps come in the latest version of IW4x from what I can tell, so as far as I know most people have those atleast.

Thanks for the reply and support! I’ll definitely check it out if you guys make it happen, I can guarantee me and 4 others at least will!


Server is already live. Look for NamelessNoobs DLC Maps.