Suh Dude


I’m HGM i’m 16 in may, i like Gaming, Music and Producing Music.

I Own my On YouTube Channel and My Own Music Label, i used to Play MW2 and Other cod games Back in the day in 2010 - 2011 me and my friend was big Fans of FaZe. Now i casually Play cod on Console and on PC.

That’s Basically it, Oh and I’m British.


Welcome to the NamelessNoobs!

welcome ^^ keep up the good work on the YT channel :stuck_out_tongue: enough with the click bates tho :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Welcome to Nameless Noobs…

Thank you and Atleast i dont have red arrows all over my Thumbnail…yet


FaZe up btw

Welcome to the clan friendo

Welcome to NN dude!

Thanks Glad to be apart of NN

Welcome to NN dude :+1:

Welcome to NamelessNoobs!