Taking a break

So, guys i cant play games anymore… :pokerface:
The big problem is my boss :yuno: because i need to be like 24/7 awake ( i work in fire rescure deparment) because of stupid snow… :rufk:
I was unactive i think like 6 or more weeks so sorry…
When i have some free time i will come to discord and play some cod :epicwin:

See you soon guys
:owl: Pakishaa :owl:

Thanks for letting us now, good luck with the work :slight_smile:

Good luck & srećno brate :penis:

good luck bro me myself soon wont be able to play cod 4 all the time cause i have my exams to do that will be affecting my lifetime so yea am in the same shoe as you,tthen maybe ill move to the stay near some of you guys t his is my final year at after this my school days are all over then ill be on quite often.


Good luck

good luck bro be safe out there.

good luck with work man