Temporary ban?

Hello, I have a multiple issue request please. I apparently got a temporary ban for racial slurs? If you can pull up the in game chat log or anything I literally typed nigeria which is a federal republic. In all seriousness, other players were typing out the N word to the T. Also our entire lobby believed someone was cheating and the !report thing wasn’t working with his name. It was like pL’ESDERIA or something like that(wall hacks). May I ask why a Federal Republic is considered racism and potentially get un-banned? This server is the best ping for me and super fun, I want to continue playing today :confused: Thank you in advance,



I’ve taken a look at the context in which you received your ban. You and several other people (who were also automatically banned) were testing to see what words would be picked up by the chat filter.

You’re correct, it’s a country. It’s also one of the many ways that people avoid chat filters, so its regex is included in our racism filter.

The ban expires in 24 hours and you will be permitted to play tomorrow. We’ll see you then!

Kind Regards,


I wasn’t testing it to be honest, I didn’t even know it was a thing, however, I did type the name of an African country on the Gulf of Guinea haha, okay rules are rules and now I know. Thank you for responses and kindness. Also thank you for this community of servers, they are literally the BEST. See you soon xD,