Thank You All

Hey family, I would thank you all for accepting me into the family I will do all I can to support our clan,and feel free to ask me for any assistance that I can give to the clan. I have lots of experience in this game because I was playing it when it first was develop , I just like having fun and my suggestion to everyone don’t take COD 4 and other games you play to serious because it is about having fun. This is my therapy, and by the way I’m a retired Mental Health Therapist, and former Martial Arts instructor. At 71 I just wanna spend the remained of my life enjoying life and all that it has to offer. I hope to be around to see my great grandchildren grow up, I give all my praises and my life to Allah. I just wanted to share a little about myself. :dealwithit:

Welcome to NN brother and you are welcome :slight_smile:


Very well said! Welcome aboard!