Thank You

We’ve seem to come to a fine agreement and mended our initial relationship with one another. Some kinks still have to be worked out but i have all the trust in NN that it will be.

I have to admit though, i was VERY surprised with the hospitality, responses and the comprehension of this clan.

(Unlike “other” clans) I was shown ZERO disrespect and hostility. Everyone took their time to read what i had to say, offer their thoughts, opinions and gave a response in no time at all.

It’s not very often you find a clan who’s pride and ego are that far up their asses that they forget they’re human. Kudos to NamelessNoobs!

This is just a little thank you because i’m truly overwhelmed with your “customer service” lol

On behalf of all of Trini, Thank you <3

:stuck_out_tongue: good to read dat and thanks



:wink: <3


<3 You Are Welcome