Thanks for the games, Goodbye or maybe not.

Hi all,

Have enjoyed my games on your cod4 broadcast server but time to call it a day, for the last month or so myself and few others have noticed the server is very laggy, on killcam i fire no shots but on my screen i fire quite a few, also have players skipping about, warping even, making them hard to hit, can have some games where its spot on and almost lag free, sadly they are few and far between.

Yes i have a high ping (120ish) for your east coast US server but it as gotten to the point its not worth my time to even try and play, once again thank you for the games and maybe see some of you on a battlefield somewhere.

OU812 - m8 take care and give 'em 'ell.

edit see my posts further down the thread :slight_smile:



Sorry to hear good luck with future battles.

Would have helped if you posted something about the server performance issue on our forum so we could investigate.

just played again - 2.30 pm (uk time) sunday afternoon - 14-16 players, no problem at all, almost lag free, maybe its the time of day when it lags or when the server gets full, maybe add a ping limit of say 200/250 may help ??

maybe the server itself can not cope when its full, may i ask the specs of the box its running on and how many server it hosts ???

Maybe it’s your ISP?

UK and euro servers are all fine, could well be my isp, maybe throttling at perk times, just played again, have reported a few high players just in case, a bit of lag here and there but nothing like the other day, further testing needed.

Which day to be exact?

i’d guess just before i made the post (Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:44 pm), will try and do a demo showing the killcam and lack of bullets.

Thanks we will keep looking into it. Please let us know the second it happens so we can take a better look.

will try to, ok to use the !contact command in game ??

Yeah works for me.