Thanks for the new servers

I just wanna say the new servers are dope

Thanks! :slight_smile:)

You are very welcome and Enjoy :slight_smile:

thank u for the new servers , i have only one suggestion maybe more will agree with me , make lockdown >> TDM server,cycling most popular maps not only lockdown
should i make new post in suggestion section ?
and btw @zackryder my friend we were testing the SND server the momet u created it ,he has some suggestions too since he is more in SND stuff, like planting period and spectaing issue

Planting time is same as COD4 usually not an issue. It does have free spectate on and not sure if it can be turned off or not. We have players that want free spectate in COD4 . Personally doesnโ€™t matter that much, keeps you on your toes.