The Minecraft Server Spawn

We have great news! We(the Minecraft Crew) have finished the Minecraft Spawn in just 3 days!

We are open for players . Most Importantly, we just need to get Votifier running to add vote pages, and hope we get a really good playerbase. Although, I was thinking that maybe we can set it to ‘Beta’ for a day or two(or until Votifier comes up) just to make sure there arent any bugs or mishaps going along.


What needs to be done is that it needs you need to protect it with World Guard if you didn’t do it already :stuck_out_tongue: (Just a reminder)

That troll face tho <3.

Way ahead of you dead


Everything seems to work normal except /ontime and /modreq. Dynamap also needs to get up and running as well from the 2 beta test days I am sure we are good to go for April 3.