The Saltiest & The shortest Joke Ever

Black Chinese!! :ifeelyah: :ifeelyah:

Racist JM3D <3

im not , im just jking , you can tell jokes about arabs too!!

what tf is this shit

i dont know , you tell me

Guessing this is pretty much random BS so I’ll add to it, when I first got to Germany the “Old Salts” took me to the first whore house i have ever been to, ( I’m Southern, the closest i ever came to a whore house was a family reunion at my Aunts house) .
German whore houses are regulated, once a week they are checked, all prostitutes are cleared by a German Doc.
Anyway, that said, their houses of ill repute are like motels, each building has 4-5 floors with around 6 rooms on each floor (pretty much a department store where window shopping consists of vaginas) , if they are busy the doors are closed, if not it’s open and you can walk by and check each woman in the rooms.

Flash forward… 3rd floor, drop dead gorgeous tiny Asian girl in a see through teddy, I was hooked, walked in, she said “we clean first”, she took me to a sink and proceeded to wash my U.S Army Manliness, needless to say that after the warm water and soap and her hands I made it to about 30 seconds of what should have lasted at least 10 minutes.

I’ll never forget the shame I felt when she said “You done,that 20 U.S Dolla”

Sadly, my wife still charges the same for the same amount of time.

This is the best joke of 2017 :penis:

Thx Chicago :penis: but its an old joke here in morocco XD ,

Hahahahahahah Dilly :laughing: