They call me Joker.

Hello there. I am Joker and I enjoy playing games! I am 22 years old and my pc has a 1080ti and an 8700k along with a sprinkle of G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB RAM :smiley: I also play console (very rarely) I have a PS4 and Xbox One, I collect development things too (Such as my Developer xbox 360 and ps4), I like these as I make programs, apps, games etc and it is fun to mess around with this stuff on those developer consoles! (don’t worry I do not take them online)

I also do mountain biking (Downhill), some dirt biking and I often climb giant building and go to the top of them etc for fun :smiley: (Just youtube crane climb if you want to know what I mean)

Lastly, If there is anything you should know about me?.. I am a Joker fanatic (…)

Thanks for looking!


  • J o k e r


Crane Climb dang, I kinda compare that to squirrel base jumping. 2 things i might never do. Though dirt biking yeeeah

Yeah dude, Almost anything tall I climb… I have had many bans from places (whole towns etc) At one point I was on a bridge near my area and I was told never to go near it again… I work over the bridge… I cleared it up with the police and the operators and assured I would never go back up (probably will though), Do you go dirt biking aswell??

Hope to meet you soon!