To whom it may concern

Good day,

I’ve been playing on the broadcast server for over a year now, and enjoy myself most of the time. The people are nice most of the time which is why I keep coming back.

There is however one player, in specific, for whatever reason continuously attacks me verbally, using words words such as idiot, retard, loser among other things. A few months ago, he started nade-switching me. He distinctly singles me out, almost EVERY time we’re on simultaneously and has done so ever since I started playing.

At first, it wasn’t a huge deal, people shit talk, whatever that’s how she goes in the world of gaming. But it’s gotten too far in the last half year, in my opinion. This player is a bully.

I have spoken to Pickle_Rick about this player, suggesting that he should perhaps be muted, however I was told this wasn’t possible. Nothing can really be done as your rules indicate. He’s not racist, homophobic or political. But, he knows what he’s doing. This is all a game to him. His words have hurt me and possibly others. Let me state that he shouldn’t be banned from the server, just muted. He might be shooting/killing OP For/Marines with his mouse, but, his REAL weapon is his keyboard.

The player’s name in question is: CHEESECAKE, TRUMP, TRUMP TRAIN and or hola

Thank you

I’ve noticed this behavior. We will review his chat logs and determine an action from that point.

Thank you