Topic's Photography Thread

I’m not sure sure if you guys consider photography “art”.
I know my way around photoshop. I also, make films and edits and other little things.
I’ll be posting on here regularly, and showing off my work.
I wanna attempt to make this section active as possible.

(The distortion is what I did in photoshop. The top half is the “real/reality” while the bottom half is a “reflection”.)

(This was a long exposure, but my tri pod fell, but it made a cool effect while falling.)

Sweet jesus, that’s some cool work man.
I am into photography too, will be getting a camera soon.

Anyway good luck with this stuff man.

oh shit no way, what camera do you think you will be getting?

also thanks.

Would like to get the Sony a6000 :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn son these look fantastic, especially the second one! Do you have it in a higher resolution? :fuckyea:

Damn son, Keep up the good work!

oh shit, nice bro.

my friend owns one of those, he doesn’t use it much since he got a better camera etc, but he used the shit out of it.

Getting a GH5 :v

JK I’m broke asf but I still like cinematography and photography (sorta noob), good to know there are some people in the clan that do too!

yeah, im into photography and film, wanna learn cinematography tho.

I’ve got the PC equipment but no camera equipment, and handheld shooting is garbage (rip YouTube career)

same bro. I know my way around sony vegas and after effects, some lightroom as well. that’s how i started out

Not to hijack your thread, I used to do stuff similar to this. I had a sony dslr.

Here are some more

A few more. The infrared shot with the tree is my favorite.

when people jacked your thread :facepalm:

nah, they look sick, and i really love the tree one and the glasses on the book haha.

Love all of them @KnifeMare they look great.

Damn first spider pic that i’ve seen that didn’t make me cringe.

02/03/2017: I’ve been busy with school n’ shit and haven’t been taking pictures much, so here is some I had laying around


(I don’t drink)


(Photoshoot with one of my friends)