Towny Error

Hey guys Chicago here with an announcement. We recently had a error in towny files that ended up crashing the server and not being join able for about roughly two days. I know many players are angered by that and I understand that. We did not find a way to fix it while keeping the towny files so we had to reset towny/uninstall and reinstall it to get it to work. It is now back up and running and working great. If there are any issues please contact us. We will also try to help you get back the outpost that you guys lost.

Did yous try extracting the latest backup RAR file?

It is fixed btw when are you due back doug.

Should be back to normal 27th at the latest in-game. Need me meantime msg on fb page or personal fb

The server had a Towny Error again… But i think i know the problem :confused: I typed the command /Town claim auto by mistake… Now its in Safe mode or something litterally all i was trying to do was claim a block for the town i was making and i fucked up… Sorry for the crap this may have caused honest to god didnt mean to use the “Auto” command i misread what the description of the command did… Sorry everyone hopefully it can be fixed :confused: