Trini Members. from MooGoesCow

Hi there, I’m MooGoesCow
Some of you may know me, some may not.
I am a Trini|Clan member

This is NOT an unban request

For some of you, just seeing the title of this post will piss you off but for the more mature ones out there, i’d like you to just hear me out.
Let’s have a talk, person to person.

Yes i know that the clan has VERY strong accusations against it w.r.t. hacking etc. and i’ll get to that later on in my post

Just now (Sept 25th), i entered the NN Mix server. For once i was greeted by an admin (since when i play, i almost always never see/notice admins online.) Admin was RAS101, nice fellow.

Playing normally and then he popped the question, “So why are all trini members getting banned from NN?”
Now this caught me off guard because i had NO idea NN had a beef with Trini.
Then admin furthermore suggested that i change my IGN (Trin|MooGoesCow) because if it was another admin, i would’ve been immediately banned from the sever. So there’s that. (Thankfully RAS101 was lenient enough to give me a heads up about this situation instead of banning me immediately)

Before i could find out more information, he left. Then i saw the website link appeared in chat, i came here created an account and here we are.

So before i enter into the TDM server and get my beefy ass banned and left there feeling like a nub, i’m posting this here hoping that we can try to resolve a few issues.
I dug through some of the previous posts on the forum and i basically understand why it is all this happened. It happened with CosX Clan as well. When it did, i too went to them to try and resolve something and we did.(basically: Trini players are welcomed but the known hackers stay banned.)

Now i FULLY respect this clan and what it’s about. I know a lot of time effort and money goes into the upkeep of it. As i said earlier, i understand the reason why ALL players with trini in their name should be immediately banned. It didn’t take me long to figure out since it was the SAME issue with Cosx. As admins and owners, you have a responsibility and a role to carry out for your clan (as do i for mine)

Now, i am very much aware of the “hackers” in the clan and believe me, some have been purged out already and we are in the process of re-administering of the clan. Big changes will happen and big changes have already commenced.

So what’s the reason for this post exactly?

A lot of new fresh players have joined trini, some new to the clan and others new to MW3 entirely. I’m doing this mostly for those guys. The new ambitious players who come into Tekno and the few older ones. The end goal is to eliminate most (if not all) the stigma associate the the “Trini” tag. That takes a lot of collaboration and time. We may not know exactly who the sly hackers in our clan are (i’m 100% positive NN has at least 1 sly hacker you may not be aware of) My point is that you won’t know everything without some help.

So i’d like if you could take all what i said into consideration. Uplift the “BAN ALL TRINI SKRUBS FROM OUR SERVERS” rule. You can definitely keep the proven cheating ones banned and if possible, pm me or post on our enjin page ( who hacked and maybe some proof? With all that, they WILL be booted out and banned from our clan as well. The clan isn’t a bad clan, it’s people who make it so. Myself and a lot of others are set about to making the clan better, much much better. We have a LONG way to go but we can’t do it alone.
But please have mercy on the new ambitious players out there and even the old ones.

Just like i asked Leon of CosX, i’m asking whoever is in charge of NN, we need your help :slight_smile:

Take this post as you may. But get this; I am NOT here to start a brawl. I’m here to iron out the kinks (or try to)

We’re not all assholes lol. I do however understand if you revoke my post and say No. At the end of the day, like i said earlier, you Admins of NN have an important role and responsibility for the upkeep or the NN community for which i respect.
(But please keep an open mind)

If you reached this far reading, thank you <3

  • Moo

I for one (though I have no history with what happened between you guys) agree to this. I didn’t know that out MW3 admins had gotten low enough to ban someone because of a clan title. What happened to banning only hackers? Anyways, thanks for the post. It’ll get to the right person and hopefully get resolved. You have respect in my book.

Hello Moo, let me start off by saying that I am a good friend of the Trini team itself as I do live close to Trinidad & Tobago. I know the top dogs like Trini|Blinkey and Trini|AgileBeast, and um I have spoken to numerous members such as agilebeast and shotzonme (or something to that effect) and many more. I have been trying to get into contact with Blinkey to discuss the situation. Honestly, the reason as to why you were warn by my good friend Ras101, is because some of your team members were actually caught and banned for actually hacking. The head admins had come to the conclusion as to banning all Trini members as they would think it would result in less hacking on the server. I know that there are members that do not hack like Madara and Blinkey, which is why I have been trying to get into contact with Blinkey to discuss this and try to resolve the issue. And as to having beef with Trini, I and some other members dont have beef with Trini whatsoever, so please dont think that we do because we dont, maybe some but most dont.

Thanks for writing about how you feel about the situation.

Yours truly

  • Shamz/OaSiS/DOFH

Banning by clan title has come to MW3 as a “quick fix” to “solve” the hacking problem and i’d understand why (though i may not necessarily support it).
Thanks for your open-mindedness and input! Much respect here too.

Hey moo i seen yoy play on CosX or so maybe is not you but w.e :slight_smile:
First of all we dont have beef againts trini, who ever told you that is lying.
Secondly why are saying we will ban all trinis from NN? Simply cause of the reason we or i personally have encountered with at least 4 of them hacking.

Trini||proless > vest hack
Trini|| st crash > WH
Trini|| leafninja > aimbot
and another trini guy, i cant exactly remember his username

but we will work on the banning all trini members since not all of you guys hacks.

Hope you be patient brother.

I too am very close to both Blinkey and Agile. We try to have a “family” approach to the clan.
Glad to know you’re a friend! And Blinkey is a very busy man as you’re well aware hence why he isn’t in game as much (taken up with real life situations).

And i know why i got warned, i didn’t take any of it as a threat. I more-so got concerned as other members and I try VERY hard to upkeep our clan. I fully understand why your admins have decided to employ such a stringent rule (though i for one don’t support it)

I know that some of NN don’t have any quarrel with Trini and much respect for that! <3 But the ones that do, we are willing to make things right (as we did with previous clans).

I’m just fighting for the honest players, new and old, of our clan to give them a chance of what NN has to offer (since you guys run very high-traffic servers)

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the feedback, us admins are doing our best to resolve the issue, and as much cooperation with us will be much appreciated.

[comment deleted]

Yes i sometimes play on CosX when my internet isn’t being a pain in the ass (cloud 9 level pings)
And i too encountered you on a couple TDM servers through Tekno. (Though i think someone used your alias and started hacking)

No one told me there is a beef between, that was an assumption purely made by me based on what " KnifeOnlyMoab" said on this post (Fair enough right?)

“I’m not wasting anymore time arguing. Furthermore, the rest of your clan mates have also been found to have hacks, and I’ve been instructed to ban any trini members.”

Delighted to know that there isn’t a quarrel between us.

And about your last point as to why ban all trini members, to that i say why not ban them as they come? I understand they make it VERY difficult for your and stain the Trini tag but would you like to be banned because you carry the Tag “NN” wrongfully? (But I 100% understand where you’re coming from though)

As for the 3 members you listed, Proless hasn’t been active for months and if he ever is again, we will be having a discussion with him.
St. Crash, well if you have proof of that, keep him banned and that goes for anyone who you have SOLID evidence on. Please dont neglect to take the correct steps in banning Trini members as you do with other players just because its us (spectate a few matches then make a decision)
It’s gotten to the point where i am genuinely afraid to throw MLG nades or hit wallbangs in game without fear of being banned for hacks.

Thanks for your input! Much respect.

This isn’t about NN member hacking. I am not here to deface the NN clan. I was drawing your perceptive to put you in our shoes when it comes to hackers in your own clans (if any)

I by no means indicated that i saw NN members going on a hack-extravaganza.

Sorry if i phrased in improperly

Yeah, I totally took that the wrong way :neutral_face:

Hi Cow,
I didn’t leave, the server died…also you are a good player and i didn’t see no signs of hacking so instead of banning you because of the rule,i give you the choice to save yourself and change your IGN but i didn’t know that the clan had a administration system behind it, so sorry if i disrespected you in that case. I’ll make sure give a positive feedback to this whole situation, a solution is coming as shamz said so please bear with us.

Stay Savage- Ras101

yea bout this guy using our alias and hacking, maybe u have met him…that 1010101 guy
aas for the trini members we will work on it, thanks for taking ur time coming by a solution will come soon.

Thanks for telling me! You may have saved me and other clan members from getting insta-banned on NN! No disrespect taken here man but yes, Trini has a full administration system divided into Mods, VIPs, Admins, Senior Admins and Owners. I am a Senior Admin.
Thanks for replying!

Yes, i’ve encounted that player before…annoys me :neutral_face: as well as the ‘’‘’‘’‘’ player…
Thanks for looking into it!

I think the ban on leafninja was a false positive
See here: Wrongfully banned

Nobody get banned without proof or good reason…

That much is expected by any member of authority. I’m just saying that it’s easy to take a “brave guess” when it comes to the stigma associated with the Trini clan. But i trust the administration of NN.
Also, if that proof or good reason can be posted or pm’d when a member is banned, that would help alleviate any suspicions (as there WILL always be some) and help us to know who’s genuine from who’s not.


Yooooo guys.Theres no need to ban all Trini’s on your server because some of us dont hack.just because u caught 3 or 4 Trini hacking means ur gonna ban all Trini’s from your server. Im sure some of us likes to play on your server {NO HACKS} and u guys sure play on our server as well. There’s no need to hate each other. I know u guys saw them hacking but All we need is the demo {PROOF}.But before i ban them i will have a little talk with them first. Much love guys <3

Hey blinkey bro I have gotten word from head admins that all Trini members will not be banned but those who have been banned or there are suspicions that they are hacking will stay banned until proven innocent. I also said this on your forums.

Thanks for the reply.