In-Game name: Mushi

Date and approximate time of banning: 25th Nov 2016 - N/A

On what server you got banned: Namelessnoobs 24/7 Lockdown

Its been more than a month! please unban me from servers, as i swore before! i swear i haven’t used any hack at that time! PLEASE CONSIDER MY 3RD APPEAL! AND UNBAN ME !

Upload your demo.
And it took you 1 more month to post this…




@Yohji sorry for the late reply, this is my 3rd appeal on this forum, unfortunately i keep my theater mode off, i appealed 3 times that i didnt use any hacks, they say i have reduce recoil. i can send you my class arrangement and it will give the same fire rate with same recoil rate. please its my 3rd or 4th appeal!

What do you mean by “at that time”? Do you usually hack? Sounds like a permban to me : D

:penis: :penis: :penis: :penis: