Unban appeal

Been playing for a couple of months in your servers and got banned off your epic mix server when i was offline… please fix? Username TheLegendOfRage

Please post your demo

what demo? i was offline when i got banned and that was like 4 days ago…

Sorry for any inconvenience!

I’m still banned bruv

Impossible. I personally lifted the ban

hello guys … i was playing normally the last days !! today i was playing as usual … finished a match , get offline , and went out !! and when i’m back and enter the server just when i cliked the delta team i got permanently banned !! dunno why please fix it !! i don’t have a demo for te last matches i played on the server but i don’t think it’s mportant because i was offline when i got banned … cz the last time i played on the server everything was normal and i leave the server on my own choice , but just when i return in the evening i got banned !! please fix it … thank u

First of all u have to make a separate ban appeal.
but maybe i should make u save some time and i will post some proof here…


^ theres the reason why u got banned boy

lol i know that my ping will cause me troubles … listen my friend !! i know u will not believe me but just try t do so please !! my game beug because of my connection … when u see me stopped just right before i shoot u … actually on my game i didn’t stop i walked above until i saw u but when i want to shoot my game beug (cz of my connection) and i found my self got back for abt 1 sec before !! and the connection kept doing this that’s why i left the game !! believe me or not i saw u but my game lag and return me back one sec that’s why u saw me stop before i hit u and then i just knew that u were there cz i saw u before … and we was activating an UAV recon and i knew that someone was on that area !! believe me dear friend i wasn’t walling … it’s just a connction problem but it’s not always o my side ( actually that’s the only time when the lag of connection was on my favor ) cz a lot of times and when i just see an enemy ( he didn’t even saw me ) boom i’m dead and when i saw the killcam i found myself frozen in front of him and he just came and knife me !! please tust me my friend it’s nothing more than a connection problem !! i know it’s confusing but i swear that’s the truth believe me

well my dear friend there were players also saying u was walling, well the head chief will decide gl buddy

u can’t be serious i need to play it’s the only server i play on … i swear i’m not walling unban please i wasn’t walling i’m sorry but u have to believe me please !! don’t wait for the chief i need to play !!

give me another chance guys !! i know it’s hard even impossible to believe that my ping cause me troubles but let’s just say that i hacked and now i’m asking for forgiveness and i’m begging u to unban and thank u !! i swear i walked and see u proningand just when i want to hit u my game lag and i found my self behind about 4 steps (that time if u saw me u will find me frozen in my place) !! but that doesn’t matter now i’m banned and i’m asking forgiveness so please give another chance and thanks again

I lol’d