Unban appeal

I got banned again in Both servers.

Look carefully the Demo at min 3:20, 6:28, 7:55 and 8:55
there was never a friendly UAV on and this guy still knew where to go and where to wait.
Plus at min 8:55 he flashed himslef and if you slow down the gameplay there is a no visible player or at least on regular speed u cant see ur enemy that well or at all.
At 7:55 he was shooting tru the wall thingy and there WAS someone there.
The SMAW part thats fishy as hell, how he pointed exactly at the guy there, he could of hit the wall and isht -.-


Edit: you got banned from mix and never came to make a ban appeal untill i banned u from lockdown.

what u posted on the other topic makes no sense.

you post there… a lost what i wrote?

post no… you left a coment…

They read what I wrote ?. Because let me write and translate everything again

Well 3:20 and 6:28 minutes, which was not what you saw, but for me it seems normal . 7:55 minutes, I was blind but when reappeared already had an activated uav and saw two player on the map, when I went blind in front of the entrance i have the basuka (and at least I when was blind shot , not me drop on the floor or anything). So i shot the basuka

on the part of the minute 8 50 and I admit it may be suspect for people who evaluate I blind myself (besides was not completely blind i can still see) , then shoot to the spine and you think there was a player there. I write again call it luck or as you want and do not tell me it has not happened to you in the time you have been playing MF3 because it is a lie. Now if I have luck all the time? really? lol I play as well as you want me to say? Forgive me but if your definition of being lucky all the time is to be a pro 're wrong . I have to play worse to say I’m not a hack ah ?. All times are banned here I 've been trying my stuff.

8:40 minutes left me blind and also along the line , we tracked down ? do not. I knew that there were people there and shoot the player who was there and the other kill me . I not which is the definition of hacker is handled here . but for me a hacker who tracks the people kills everyone knows exactly where they will leave the players and that.

i really do not know how play people. So if cortana make a multikill because there are 4 or 5 or 6 player anzo c4 together and the people I say " oh no cortana hack" . then if I have a ping of 75 or 85 and I kill a guy who has the ping of 250,185,150 says " oh no cortana hack" ???

obviously if that’s the difference ping , it is logical that 'll come out firing first will not believe you . In lockdown many people they spend in the hallway many . Shows the UAV and reconociemiento of other players and when they shoot . So what I? shoot before entering the corridor. and people say ? cortana hack dontfaq me

i never heard friendly uav going up on the demo 0.o

7:50 minutes when I reappear there are two enemies on the map if it was not the UAV then is that they were shooting and you can clearly see

I’ve always played fair dude . When some admin asks me my demo I upload it here in the forum. You asked me a demo mission a month ago and I went up , I went out of the game and uploaded . Another admin I do not remember who asked me the demo and I went up.

not that my word matters for anything but I don’t think cortana hacks. I did at first but after playing with him using assassin and dead silence I think he doesn’t hack.

tbh anyone that does good in a game is apperntly hacking

ajam people, just want to know that you have decided ? you removed the ban me or leave me forever…
really i play like a hack?