Unban Appeal

In-Game name: Modern Warefare 3 (Teknogods)

Date and approximate time of banning: 25th Nov 2016 - N/A

On what server you got banned: Namelessnoobs 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you: the ban says i am using no recoil, but i am not using any hacks at all, this game is my obsession and only namelessnoobs servers because they are the best, i have my own known people in the servers even admins but i dont know who banned me for now reason, atleast should discuss, anyhow requesting to unban as i am not using any hacks, thankyou

“In-Game name: Modern Warefare 3 (Teknogods)”

Is it so hard to understand what that means,it clearly says “name”.
Well i guess some people have an IQ of a toaster.

Damn it Sorry , i am usually high all day ,

In-Game name: Mushi

Here is the proof, i spected you the whole game. At mins 8:50 i tested my own clas where i had a pp90 and even tho it has kick it still has a little bit of recoil, but you have attachments and ur recoil is barely seen. Also almost at the end where you were shooting the Heli your akimbo fmgs doesn’t even move it stays straight. I tested my akimbo fmgs too and you can see in the vid that it has recoil.


Other admins will look into this and we’ll decide.

prolly not doing something right but I can’t download the vid

guys, i swear i even didn’t know what a no recoil is XD i didn’t applied any kind of hacks i swear, please advise the solution!

can you upload your demo.
if u didnt understand what demo means its the recorded video of your gameplay

You my friend is using some type of program to reduce your recoil on your pp90 and akimbo fmgs, for your info fmgs has lots of recoil and yours doesnt have any same goes to the pp90