Unban Nukes

In-Game name: Nukes

Date and approximate time of banning: Sometime today 1/13/2017

On what server you got banned: Global Ban on all NamelessNoobs Servers…

Why should we unban you: I honestly dont even know why i was banned. i do decently well like 4 games in a row and only get 1 moab and get perma banned globally. i have no idea why i dont hack or anything. Ive been playing on the NamelessNoobs server for months now dropping moabs and im just now getting banned ?? for what ?? If you need to see gameplay i post just about every moab i get in the Namelessnoobs server to my channel. Also this is the only server i play on and have been playing on. if you would like to see my channel for non-hacking proof ill be more then happy to share with you.

You got reported with proof :

Wtf i wasnt even hacking smh. i had marksmen when i made those shots smh people will do anything to get rid of decent players that they cant kill. Heres a link to all my MW3 gameplays that are ALL in only NN Servers. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL44kmmhn-u5oHr9cV7iZOblUDf_jPuUH5 you can see for yourself i dont hack. Why would i hack when im trying to get gameplays for youtube?? and on top of that ive been playing in these servers for MONTHS why start hacking now ??? smfh. BTW Theater ALWAYS makes gameplays look fishy like that. Should know that about MW3 man this is ridiculous.

How is this even usable proof ??? cmon bro shooting through smoke and flicking my aim WITH marksmen means i was hacking ?? smh thats saltyness bruh ive played on these servers wayyy too long to be hacking i hate hackers MYSELF i have 0 reasons to hack… whoever reported that shit was honestly mad that i was whoopin they ass bro thats all.

I now see who reported me lmfao it was a dude i actually got a moab with together the match before that game. he only showed you that part but didnt show you the entire match of that game because he was inded spectating me the entire game dude is just a salty ass dude who couldnt accept the fact that im better then him smh

Welp you can’t argue about live recorded videos


appreciate that bro, guess ill just have to start live recording or streaming or something because im constantly getting banned due to hacking accusations.

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me adding my 2 pence worth. I’m now an admin on Vibrance (Ismail1092’s servers) and I’ve been helping judge ban appeals and judge video evidence of suspected cheaters etc. My opinion is that Nukes is innocent, let me explain why.

Marksman allows you to see names through smoke, but it’s entirely dependant on the type of smoke I.E explosive smoke and how long the smoke grenade smoke has been there aka dissipating smoke. The smoke shown looks to me like it’s dissipating and Nukes could’ve caught a glimpse of Kat even without Recon. Yeah in the live killcam it shows differently, but that’s client based and not server based, in the theatre mode recording from Nukes, you can see the door through the smoke whereas in the live gameplay you can’t. This is because the game is slightly different from client to client (MW3 Multiplayer was clearly rushed due to small stuff like this) ping affects it bla bla so on and so forth.

I’ve watched Nukes’ videos on YouTube for a few months now, I’ve never seen any sign of wallhack or external assistance, many times he’s ran straight past a corner camper or something like that. I’ve also never seen any signs of toggling and I’d happily vouch for this dude.

Let’s get down to business, at the start of the killcam he’s shooting one of Kat’s teammates and ends up hitting kat by accident whilst aiming for the teammate, this puts Kat on Recon. I messaged Nukes personally and he’s provided a screenshot of the moment before he snapped to and killed Kat and after, both show recon in play and both show that he was on specialist bonus before killing Kat.

Recon showing that Kat has been painted on the map: Screenshot - 9168afdc422bc51a2470a7e7e3b50144 - Gyazo
Marksman showing a name through smoke after Kat has died: Screenshot - e9d420c1e5d796f41bc715aad6f59b09 - Gyazo

I respect that it’s ultimately your decision as it’s your server after all, but this is where I stand. Thank you for your time

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