Unban Request by RICK18


in this day i went to website to see i’m accepted or no

after i had saw that , i was very happy

and i went to server name less noobs 27/4 lock down to play…

i chosed Auto assign and chose the class…suddenly i get masseg tell me Super Ban

what did i do??? i banned at 2:10

i did not use any hacking

NOTE: i and my nephew in the same router maybe he hacked in the server so i get banned :facepalm:

so unban me :megusta:

Upload your .demo file

my IP is :

the demo : http://www.mediafire.com/file/nlgwjwq1l14a95j/x03a2_584fe5df.demo


what is your nephews user name on game.

his name mohamed in game

maybe some admins help me??

Can you explain wtf is wrong with this ban appeal rick
You saying that probably your nephew hacked, but guess what? you have used the same nickname as your “nephew”

This is the name your “nephew” used to come in and hack

This is your other nicknames

So unless you dont give me a good reason why this happened you are staying banned boi

What the confusing part is… he wasn’t banned. I saw him online on the server yesterday, he was also chatting on discord & in-game chat(mw3 lockdown). I even asked him to confirm that he was unbanned, but he said he’s unsure… but we’re in the server talking about this…

unban request must close

i went to the server and i saw im unbaned

Ok so ban appeal locked