Unban Request

In-Game Name: HEXag0n

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 16/11 around 7am pst

Server you got banned on: Epic mix

Any Comments You May Have: None of my kills were “wallhack-y”, i wasn’t playing amazingly and all my kills I either saw them first or saw them on the minimap.

Demo file: MEGA

Out of the hundreds of bans i’ve given, ur the first one to come and make an appeal…cool lets make this interesting.


skip all the way to min 14:50 of the demo and tell me what kind of magic you used to look at me tru that wall.


this one at min 1:15 u don’t know how to hide ur hacks boy, playing stupid aint going to work with me i wasn’t born yesterday and i didn’t start playing this game yesterday either.

Good luck oh and tell ur friend septagon.exe to not come and make a ban appeal [OP] clan wallers AF

Edit: had assasin and dead silence btw :wink:

how about you get another admin to check it out, because obviously you just hate me
and refuse to look at it properly
youve given 2 examples out of a full game

Wtf…i hate you?? :facepalm:
did u even watched the demo? and don’t worry other admins will look into it :fuckyea:

and it’s not 2 examples out of a full game…first one is from hardhat the other from lock :dumb: