vesoljo's introduction

Hi :megusta: My name is Žiga = Ziggy (pron. Zheega), 20 years old and I come from Ptuj, the oldest town of Slovenia, EU. I recently changed my name so I won’t be bothered if you call me Ziggy or vesoljo (local friends call me that).

I love playing games, my fave are FP Shooters. I played lots of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Counter-Strike and others.

I’m a very communicative person, so if you wanna talk, just slide into the DMs :laughing:

I wanted to join your community as an Admin on multiple CoDs because I am a responsible person for my age. I get things done, not only as a boring admin on servers banning hackers but also as a friend.

My “friendly skills” got me into large gaming communities through time where I gained some respect and trust. I was Senior Admin for some Battlefield, CS:GO and CoD servers. I did mostly everything from simplest question answering from being staff support to coding a website in HTML/CSS, creating logos (branding) for some gaming communities.

My main hobbies are playing instrument (clarinet in a brass band and an ensemble), handball, cycling, smoking illegal shit that just cures my brain cells (I’m a better, not worse person because of that, trust me.) I’m also a firefighter - that cool guy that gets suited up in mask and goes into flames for other people if he has to, even tho he wasn’t paid to do it - maybe that’s something I have in me. My education is media tehnitian, which makes me a photographer, coder, video maker, illustrator, brand-er, etc. :omg:

I would love to meet people in this community and become a part of Clan Members because I still love Call of Duty, which I recently came back to and I love to meet new people + help them in need to make a community/gameplay/experience a better thing. :4everalone:

Steam account
Uplay: vesoljo
Origin: vesoljo