Virtue bans people for calling him/her a hacker

About 2 weeks ago I got banned in a TDM lobby for being very vocal about Virtue being a cheater. He/she refuses to talk in all chat and only whisper so as not to leave chat logs. He/she has over a month of reports with no action taken. They are a cheater for sure, and have the ability to get other players banned. I can only assume this means that he or she is friends with, or is themselves, an admin, and so I doubt this ban will get appealed, but just to bring it out into the light, Virtue 100% has walls.

If you have any evidence of the player cheating, feel free to post it in our discord. As for him kicking/banning people, he does not have any permissions to do so, so I can say with certainty that it is not Virtue doing it. If you need to make an appeal, please use our template located here >

Done, but i promise you it was Virtue who got me banned for calling him a hacker.


(user has already one open)