vote to remove claymore form cod4 24/7 boradcast

Should we remove clay-mores from broadcast

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Don’t Care
0 voters

yes or no?

No, I would like to see a gamemode with no grenades, m203, claymores, c4, or airstrikes though.

that gamemode is called promod

well has regular grenades but everything else is out

-1, get bombsquad

It may be annoying but it is also apart of the game. It’s quite easy to play around and if it is to bothersome just do what fade suggested and learn to play with bombsquad. If they are claying spawns that is a different matter tho.

just because you get killed everytime you go by a clay and do not like them maddox does not mean they have to be removed. LOL

Bump added a poll so please vote.