Hey everyone!

Thought I’d pop a little post in here just to try and get to know some of you all. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and how I got myself on here and hope to get some replies. :epic:

So starting off, my name is Chloe. In-Game names normally don’t change much from my real name - xChloe or Coco (What friends call me for some weird reason, but I go with it)

I started gaming as far back as I could possibly remember. It all started when my dad gave me a go at the PS1, throwback eh? From there I got myself into the GTA series probably earlier than what I should have been playing at my age back then, I also loved the old MGS - Many many hours spent on them. I then got myself into COD 2 (I think) and that’s what really took my passion from there and ever since then, It’s been my go to game year round.

Though, I like the older CODs. To this day I’m still actively playing COD4, MW2/3, A LOT of Ghosts and the older Black Ops Series. Tbh, I just love to have fun and enjoy a few hours on.

I was a nerd back in the day when COD4 Promod was a thing. Many, many hours spent grinding out pubs and tourneys thinking I was some MLG pro :ifeelyah:

Apart from gaming I don’t really do much else. I work during the week as a Hairdresser (roll in the memes) and in my spare time I’m normally gaming or eating! :epicwin:

Forgot to mention I’m from the UK btw but weekends I normally sit up all night so Time zones shouldn’t matter to me.

I’m glad I finally signed up for NN after years of playing in the servers on many different generations of hardware. Hoping to one day reach the duty of a server admin and keep all the no life hackers out! :dumb:

So nice to meet you lovely bunch and if you want to ask me anything feel free to do so, I don’t bite - I’ve had breakfast this morning :dance: