Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere

(Video includes both the “Reveal Trailer” and “Marcus Introduction”)

Opinions ? I think it’s obviously going to be better than the first one but its release date is a little bit too soon.

Actually looks sick af, kind of a GTA V and Assassin’s Creed feel
Btw, where all the GoT shit? :neutral_face:

Yeah it looks kinda good but I think that Ubi is going to find a way to fuck it up somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing special happend last two episodes :stuck_out_tongue:
What ? You don’t like my devotion to the Emperor ?

Pretty cool and it’s awesome since i found a job now i can finally fucking get a new decent pc so i’ll be able to play this shit! :smiley:


This looks awesome :smiley:

Congratulations on the new job. Is it roofing by any chance? Somehow this band of peoples seem attracted to roofing

Nah man gonna star in a movie :wink:

So how much $$$ will you get from gay porn ? :penis: /jks

Ain’t gay porn :stuck_out_tongue: but 30 euro per hour

But its still porn ? :laughing: :penis:

Extra for GoT? Should have said

I used to act, then I took a knee to the arrow

Also sounds like gay porn to me. I got 20 euro for regular porn, and they said I’d get 50% more or gay porn. Obviously didn’t get the part for gay porn. lol