Werewolf *howls menacingly*

Hey all, I’m Chris aka Werewolf. You may have seen me in the COD4 S&D server and if you haven’t where have you been?

Anyway, I’ve been a PC gamer since 93 and have played almost everything under the sun. I’ve been playing shooters since I dialed into my friends IBM to play Hexen II modem to modem. I’ve played Counterstrike since it was a mod for Half-Life from 1.6 to CS:GO, COD4, COD WaW, and occasionally Overwatch since it’s launch.

If you played any of these older games you may know me as TE | Hitman Smurf from a now defunct clan named The Elders. There I was a server admin for 1.6 and source, COD4, CoD WaW and TF2. The COD4 and WaW servers I set up and ran directly. I was also a forum admin and clan owner directly supporting the upkeep of the servers. I captained the Cod4 and TF2 competitive teams and if you played these games in tournaments you may have seen me there. From there I moved on to {Fith} as a member of the TF2 admin team.

I took a short hiatus from gaming and now, looking to get back to the best PC shooter ever made, I found my way to Nameless Noobs and their CoD4 S&D server.

I guess that about covers it. Fun random fact about me:

As a hobby I study the religion of Europe and the near east from the neolithic to the common era. I know, I’m a bucket of excitement.


God I hate furries.