Wew lad, whats up.

Hey, really late but well, for some reason “introduce yourself” was bugged for me and couldn’t post sooner so here i go.

I’m Andrew Martin also known as Gregor in CoD MW3, once pluto is out i will be more active than now so i hope you are patient in that regard.
I used to play back on the AlterIW and recently came back a few months ago when i got to know about Teknogod’s launcher and found it really refreshing, specially playing in the NN’s NA server when it was up.
I remember doing a lot of Throwing Knife gameplay and now that i can do it again feels good man.

On the other hand i’m a 22yo mexican that lives near the border so i got to learn enough english to be able to communicate like this, but i speak it really bad.
Currently work at walmart on the evening shift as a produce seller, so after a long day at work i just get cozy on my chair, fill a glass with vodka or brandy and chill either playing MW3, Aion or hanging out in a twitch chat room that never sleeps.

Also watch anime every now and then but i’m not a cancerous weeb like most.
/a/ is one of the other places i pass time on.

So this is a bit of myself, hope we can have a good time if we get to play together some time.

My Soundcloud
My Twitch

is dis u on the pic?

I wish i were.



Welcome to the NamlessNoobs. Hope you enojoy your stay.


Welcome to the family

welcome to noobland ;D

Thank you, all.